Thursday, 21 July 2011

WE CAN RUN - The Beginning of a Dream!

Our spur-of-the-moment decision to run the 2011 Melbourne Marathon was made over a few too many beers at a mutual friend's party just 10 days ago! Our friends convinced us we'd be up for the challenge and coerced us in to believing they were right! It wasn't until several days later at our first fitness consultation that we actually realised how much work we had to do. First it's the running and making time for the running and thinking about the running and eating right and sleeping properly and getting good shoes and stretching and not having big Saturday nights and waking up early in the dark and cold, etc, etc, etc. The list was endless and we discovered this is no mean feat! However, after our first full 10 days of training and preparing for the weeks ahead we both feel excited and nervous about the race and extremely happy to be raising money for cancer research along the way! 


Thanks for supporting our dream to prove that WE CAN RUN!

Josh and Carmen xo

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